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  • Strong, but Delicate-Looking

    Poppies are deceptively delicate: they're made with chain that has been strength-tested and soldered shut, so that you can wear your Poppy ID 24/7 without worrying, or even noticing it's there.

  • Universally Recognized Alert Symbol

    Poppies come pre-engraved with the universally recognized "Star of Life" Symbol, which emergency personnel are trained to search for.

  • Beautifully Crafted

    Created by skilled craftspeople at every stage, Poppies are truly fine jewelry. From initial CAD design, to 3D print, to mold-making, casting, polishing, and engraving, your Poppy has been created with distinction.

  • Versatile

    Poppies will blend into all aspects of your life: from work, to the gym, to a date. No need to take it off, no need to be self-conscious, and no need to worry about your medical condition in any of the diverse environments you spend your time.

We serve the whole person

We serve the whole person

Tired of companies that make products for your medical condition, and forget that YOU have to live with it? Welcome to a new world -- a world by Poppy Medical ID. Products finely crafted to serve the whole person, not just their medical condition. Founded by a jewelry designer living with Type 1 Diabetes.

We're more than a jewelry company

We're more than a jewelry company

We stand for values that we feel in our gut. We believe that all people deserve ambitions, hope, and high standards regardless of a medical condition. We believe that “utilitarian” isn’t good enough -- and that taking what we can get isn’t as good as creating the world we dream. Join our newsletter below, and follow us on Instagram and Facebook @poppymedical to hear what's next.


What's a medical ID, and who wears them?

Wikipedia describes a medical ID as: “A medical identification tag is a small emblem or tag worn on a bracelet, neck chain, or on the clothing bearing a message that the wearer has an important medical condition that might require immediate attention. The tag is often made out of stainless steel or sterling silver.” Medical ID's are worn by people with medical conditions that impact the care they receive during emergencies. (Most commonly, people with Type 1 & 2 diabetes, asthma, epilepsy, blood conditions, heart conditions, nut & drug allergies wear a medical ID). The ultimate point of a medical ID is to aid in saving your life. It alerts emergency personnel to your condition immediately upon arrival to the scene, so they can deliver proper care in a timely fashion.

How do emergency personnel know it's a medical ID?

Emergency personnel know to look for the "Star of Life" -- the universally recognized alert symbol that's engraved on each bracelet. (If you're wearing a charm bracelet, a well-trained EMT will know to check charms for a medic alert tag charm, and will flip the charm over to see if a condition is engraved on the back!) To be safe- and to please our minimalist design aesthetic- we make our medical ID's in single, solid-color metals, and blacken the alert symbol so that it stands out to the trained eye.

How much text can I put on the back of my ID?

Because we use high-precision computerized engraving, we can engrave a medical condition and a phone number. That said, for best results and maximal legibility, include only medically necessary information (your medical condition).

I have sensitive skin. Do you offer a hypoallergenic option?

Our Signature solid 925 sterling silver bracelets are recommended for sensitive skin, as sterling silver is typically gentle on sensitive skin. And, if for any reason, your skin is bothered by a Poppy ID, send it back. We want you to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your Poppy ID, and are healthy in general!

I'm not sure what to engrave on my bracelet. What should I do?

Speak with your doctor or a healthcare professional about it. Particularly if you're not sure if you need to list a certain drug allergy/medication you're taking. If you write in a custom engraving, please add your email address or a phone number to your order (in a comment), and if there are any issues with the actual wordage, we will contact you.

Do you ship internationally?

Not at this time. Email to us know your name, your country, and what bracelet you want, and we will email you when we are able to ship it internationally!